TV3's Campbell does Share the Road

TV3's Campbell Live does "share the road" including:

  • Taking the lane
  • Look, signal, move
  • courtesy
  • 1.5 million people ride bikes in NZ
  • advice for group riding (use less busy routes, less busy times)
  • and more.

The driving instructor's advice was also pretty sound:

  • scan for people on bikes
  • anticipate that the rider may need to take the lane at pinch points
  • hang back a few seconds

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February is bikewise month - and there's never been more need to pay more attention on the roads.

In the last 12 months a dozen cyclists have been killed on our roads, and around 800 cyclists have been injured.

That's not even counting all unreported incidents, but in those that are reported, statistics shows that 75% of the time it's motorists who were at fault.

Ask motorists though and they'll usually tell you cyclists are the ones to blame.

So who's in the wrong?

We decided to find out. We put Emma Keeling behind the wheel and Lachlan Forsyth on his bike to illustrate both sides of the story.


Thanks to Barb C for arranging this, and to Rowan for demonstrating the cool moves.