Timaru District Council Annual Plan: Timaru CBD Parking

While the provision of additional parking in the CBD can be understood to be encouraging cars into the central city, Timaru is the major centre in a large rural area, so provision needs to be made for those visiting town from the hinterland. However, the mindset of driving right to the door of each address/business visited needs to be discouraged.

Suggestions :

  • parking should be handy, but not too handy (e.g. Caroline Bay) with enhanced walking and cycling access to the CBD
  • Provision of a small-scale, regular, (environmentally-friendly) shuttle service between parking facility and CBD
  • Bicycle parking needs to be considered as an integral part of any CBD parking strategy: secure and convenient bicycle parking; encourage the use of bikes without them being a nuisance littering the pavement


Excellent to see this wording done so quickly Jon.
Ron is finishing off the draft for the Annual Plan Submission and this wording will be useful.The
Draft will be on the website for Timaru Core soon.

this is another dumbass idea by a shortsighted coucil who think the only users of roads are cars etc.one only needs to go and look at the balls up at otipua rd/marsten rd intersection to see the forthought that the council planners put in.

Hi Wally - went to have a look at this intersection today. Could you clarify what your concern with it is? I was on a bike and had no problem, although it was mid afternoon so there was little traffic. It was interesting to see how most vehicles coming down Otipua Road cut across the cycle lane as they came around the corner. However, with so many cycles painted on the road they soon got back on track!


hi jon

my concern was exactly that.cars cutting the corner into the cyle lane.ok in light traffic but in dawn,dusk or anyother poor visibility time leaves cyclist bit exposed.

why not allow them to use footpath as an alterative for that short stretch.

cheers wally

I haven't seen the intersection - I'll have a look next time I'm nearby!

another poor example is a four lane proposal for north side of timaru.they do not see the point made that the easier they make driving by expanding roads and making it more convenient to use a car the more people will drive than seek other alternatives because we are generally a lazy bunch and seek the easiet way to get around.