The living end roads project

Another proposal from Living Streets. Do we like this idea?

A road that offers no exit for motorized through traffic is often referred to and signed as a dead-end road. However, when such a road continues as a road or path usable by pedestrians or cyclists, we call these "living end roads".

We started a project to correct the old and often misleading signage of living end streets, and developed a sticker that will be put on the current sign.

This project is launched by the Voetgangersbeweging (Pedestrians's movement in Belgium) in cooperation with the municipality of Kampenhout, Belgium, at the end of March 2012. "It's unbelievable that nobody thought about this earlier," said Mayor Jean Meeus of Kampenhout, "So far, people often turned around when they noticed the dead-end sign. Now that we applied those stickers, our people will be triggered to explore our municipality walking or cycling and discover new places. Great initiative! "

Also the commissioner for Mobility and Transport Stefaan Peremans is amazed about this the creative solution. "We have recently done a lot of efforts around our network of the "slow roads" (paths and right-of-ways). This project fits nicely in there. More than 80 percent of the "dead end" roads in our area in reality are living end roads. It puts our residents hopefully to more cycling and walking. "

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Here in Chch we are trying to provide "dead-end" cul-de-sacs in new subdivisions with cycle/footpath exits onto adjacent streets. This approach would be really useful for both Spokes & residents associations to promote


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