test page - Graphic for CAN Do 2013

December 2013 a couple of committee members reporting trouble in editing pages or attaching images, and since there are a few "issues" with some parts of the website not working 100%, they have wondered if their trouble is also due to a website fault. 

As a test, on ths page I will embed a small small low res version of a graphic for the CAN Do.and place a higher res version of it as an attachment.

Note this graphic is NOT going to be used. Barb Insull is a little bit wary of the low cut neckline on the dress. it is just that is is the first thing I thought of as a test image.

test image - trial version of CAN Do graphictest image - trial version of CAN Do graphic


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Image icon can do final.jpg3.07 MB


Note, I created this page purely as a test of how easy it was to embed images and attach files. Please do not use the graphic publicly.

The attachment came through, but not the embedded image

David H

thanks David, there is a problem on the site with images. it's affected pages/articles that existed before the round of updates in November, but it is also affecting new items like this one. There seems to be some problem with the website software being able to access the images, even though we think they are included in the pages correctly.


I'm in discussion with the hosting providers about it but at present we don't understand the fault.