Submission on Upper Hutt City Council Draft Long Term Council Community Plan 2009–19

Cycle Aware Wellington
13 May 2009

Who is Cycle Aware Wellington?

We are a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving conditions for cyclists and encouraging more people to bike more often. We are the local advocacy group for cyclists who use their bikes for transport and recreation. Since our inception in 1994, we have worked constructively with local councils on a wide variety of projects, including
* Bike to Work Day and other cycling promotion events
* Safety and bike skills training for police officers, council staff, adults, and children
* Working with the transport sector to improve safety for cyclists in the Wellington region.
* Capital City Cycle Guide
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Cycle Aware Wellington appreciates a lot of the points made in the draft LTCCP, but believes Council should specifically address the needs of people who cycle, set some performance measures and targets.

We would like to comment on the following sections individually:

Land Transport
We support the goals listed on p115.

It is good to read that Council is developing a Walking and Cycling Strategy, and we are keen to offer our assistance and experience.
We encourage Council to:
- think beyond providing free parking in the city and consider what makes a place attractive and convenient to people who choose not to travel by motor vehicle.
- adopt a green transport hierarchy, with goal of improving quality of life. The hierarchy puts city-friendly cyclists and pedestrians first. It rewards their low cost, space efficiency, and zero environmental impact. Trucks are not last because they perform vital commercial functions in cities. An important part of the green transportation hierarchy is that trucks get priority over personal motorcars for scarce curbside parking.
More here:
This is in line with the Sustainable Development approach required by local govt legislation.

- develop a strategic network of cycling routes
- introduce professional cycling skills training for children and adults. NZTA offers a 75% subsidy for this.
- install more cycle parking
- ensure that every road project takes account of the needs of people who cycle
- limit speeds on Akatarawa Rd to 50 km/h as this is a poplular cycling route. A slow road is a safe road, in this instance. Adjusting road alignment may have a negative impact on safety, by increasing traffic speeds.
- upgrade Totara Park Bridge to Hutt River Trail as planned.
- bring forward to 2009-10 the $95K budget for "Enhance cycle/walkway linkages strategy".
Once Council has a strategy it can access NZTA subsidies for infrastructure, cycle skills training and more education programmes.

We note you have no Level of Service Objectives and Performance Measure for people who cycle.
"Council will provide attractive and safe conditions for pedestrians and cyclists" doesn't specify relevant measures and so doesn't meet the needs of people who cycle.
We encourage Council to:
- include targets for cycling mode share, e.g. increase mode share by 1% per year to 2019.
- include a satisfaction measure, e.g. "95% of residents think Upper Hutt is a safe and attractive place to cycle."

Economic Development
We support council's on-going investment in the iconic event, the Karapoti Classic.

Personal presentation
We would like to speak to our submission in person. Please contact me to arrange a time.

Patrick Morgan
CAN - Cycling Advocates Network
Tel 04-385-4967, mobile 027-563-4733
PO Box 25-424, Wellington
/a voice for Kiwi cyclists/

I presented the submission on 28 May.

Councillors had questions about:

  • bikes mixing with traffic on SH2

  • helmet law deterring cycling

  • safety aspects of a race / ride from Kapiti over Akatarawa Hill

  • Police cycle training