Squeaky Wheel Meeting with Timaru District Council is June 26 11am at TDC


Meeting has been confirmed with TDC Staff for June 26 at 11am.

Andrew Dixon (Transportation Manager), Simon Davenport (Project Engineer), Daniel Naude (Road Safety Co-ordinator) will be there. And hopefully Bill Steans (Parks and Recreation Advisor) also.


Ron is away and unable to come. Date was changed so Wendy can come.

It would be great if other Squeaky Wheel Core members can come. Please RSVP me if you intend coming.

Lets write an agenda in the next few weeks. There is a lot to discuss with the TDC!

Some suggestions from our recent meeting

1. Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) is due for review in 2009. What cycling projects does TDC intends to include. TDC will be putting forward their projects now.

2. Prioritisation, budget, and timeline of the TDC Active Transport Strategy projects Page 11 "Timaru Urban Projects" (updated list TDC provided and given to everyone at the meeting)

3. Review of the TDC Active Transport Stategy. When is this to occur? What projects need to be added?


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