Squeaky Wheel meeting Tuesday March 3rd 5.30pm


Bike Wise debrief

Thanks to Liz for great food. Muffins (40), fruit, yoghurt.

Thanks to Ron for all his organisation, attending Bike Wise Organising Team meetings etc.

Washdyke: ~12-20 cyclists. 7am-8am. Cyclists too busy getting to work to stop. Sign at Alpine Energy earlier. 

Church Street: ~ 30 cyclists. 7.45am-8.45am (most arriving around 8.30am). Good venue as cyclists slowing for roundabout & site very visible.  Office workers attending. Verna stopped cyclists for breakfast

Bike Wise goodie pack: 2 rear and 2 front lights, 2 vests, 20x ankle bands

Drink Bottles (5) given out to South School as requested by Jane

What was good:

Timing of event; Good coverage before hand; good food

Ideas for next year

Better signage, put posters up at big worksites.  More publicity. Cater for at least 40 cyclists.  Bigger lettering for signs.  Signs to add "today" to bring people in (30m out). Cars need to see signage. Breakfast treats c.f. "Breakfast" on the sign (as not actually providing breakfast).  Bananas are good to hand out. Smaller muffins. Perhaps could have "Bumper bar" (Cookie Time). i.e. easy to hand to speeding cyclists compared to muffins.

Bike Racks on Buses

Extended trial in CHCH on 70-80 main buses going further out e.g. Rangiora.  Due to bigger buses (59 seater) needing to trail because bus length.

Public Transport 

Ron went to a Timaru Public Transport Advisory Group (PTAG) meeting on behalf of SW.  He suggested people have the option to put their bike on bus as an alternative to get home if rains, i.e. Bike Racks on Buses! SW put this in their TDC Annual Plan submission last year.

Campbell Live Programme

re University of Canterbury study on different modes exposure to pollution (bike, car, bus, pedestrian) was screened on Monday 2 March.  May be able to google it to see a podcast.

Cycling Networks

1. National Govt. proposal at Job Summit in Auckland. $50 million. 3700 jobs

2.  Freeway O"  (see CAN news release on website) Hikorangi Foundation. Has funding, and trust being set up

3.  Cycling in Canterbury Strategy (2005, Environment Canterbury). Strategy for the development of a regional network of cycle routes.  On Map in Strategy (page 7 Map shows Timaru to Pleasant Point, Geraldine to Omarama, to Mt Cook.

Jon Harris and Max DeLacey to attend on behalf of SW.  In June/July (3.5 hours), date yet to be confirmed. March 20 in CHCH is Central Canterbury workshop which is a pilot for the Nrth and Sth Canterbury Workshops.

Critical Mass

What's good: Like-minded people.  But people are on their bike and chance to go cycling. Low level commitment for some people who want to contribute something.

Some people disappointed about numbers. 

Last ride was Evans to Hobbs Street.  6 people, went 2 abreast past shops because need to vehicular (claim the lane) cycling.

Suggestion that anybody going regularly may like to be the one to choose the route i.e. past on to someone else 

What happens when daylight saving ends? Keep going biking in dark if people want to come. Still daylight in April.  Next Critical Mass ask people what they want to do. i.e. is Anyone keen enough to keep going.  Decide next Critical Mass.

Goal Setting 09/10

What would make Squeaky Wheel happy to have achieved by December 09?

We want to make cycling safer and more enjoyable.

Goal 1: Good Cycle Way on Hilton Highway (short medium goal) with the ultimate goal (long term) to ensure good cycle facilites on Evans Street (when/if 4 laning goes ahead)


1. Establish working relationship with NZTA Highways by setting up meetings with NZTA Highways to discuss.  Follow up letter sent last year and not replied (sent to Colin Hay). Jon to send Fiona letter for her to follow up with NZTA.  Keep TDC informed of progress with NZTA.

2.  Ideas for how to Rally public support: an opinion survey, debate in newspaper,  Video Cam of the ride, Taking TDC &  NZTA staff for a ride, Go into worksite (phone calls to set up meetings during staff breaktime) ask staff-what would it take to make it more enjoyable to cycle (6 sites-Lite Leathers, DB breweries, Alpine Energy, Placemakers ). Few mornings meetings at staff morning tea (series of questions for those that do cycle and those that don't).  Peter Macauley to be talked with about ideas and support.  Jon to check if Peter is on email list.

Goal 2.  Goal to build group membership

More members. 12 financial & active members by Christmas.  We currently have 5.  

How: Email addresses (3 of 4 bounced back from those harvested at Bike to Work Day). Try to get phone numbers off members, as phoning is more effective (immediate feedback, more labour intensive but better outcome).  Script . When meeting people knowing what going to say, get name and phone number. Short Sentences?

Goal 3:

Submit to LTCCP (ECan and TDC). 

ECan: 30 March to April 20 (submission period)

Timaru District Council: 18 April to 18 May (submission period)

Goal 4: 

Get Timaru Active Transport Strategy reviewed and updated.  Why is it called a draft? What about the Geraldine AT Strategy?  Is this is going to be part of the TDC Strategy.   Need to follow up with TDC.  Fiona to raise at Regional Transport Committee (RTC) Active and Passenger Transport Working Group

Goal 5

Bike Parking in front of Timaru District Council and Timaru Library. Presentation to TDC (already prepared, need to refine and set date for presentation)