Share The Road

Share the Road is a campaign, started in London in 2008, that speaks to all road users as people. We advocate simply that we all respect each other’s equal right to use the road.

What does it all mean?

We all use the roads. Some of us prefer to drive, some ride, others walk.

But it’s easy to forget that road users are all the same people; they just chose to travel in a particular way on a particular day.

So the next time you turn left in front of a cyclist, remember that he might be driving a Porsche tomorrow; and if you’re riding a bike, that pedestrian you just swerved to avoid could be your boss.

Share the Road aims to get us thinking about road users as people, and thus help turn the roads into a level playing field. It is explicity not anti-car, yet the more of us who walk and cycle, the safer it gets, which may encourage more motorists to give it a try.

Ask yourself, why wouldn’t you want to Share the Road?

At present Share the Road is brought to you by the New Plymouth District Council and C7 Design. In time, we hope to expand the site and its reach to include many other councils, businesses and people who hold to the simple value of sharing the road.

Logo is used with permission from Share The Road London.

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