Safety in Numbers

*CTC Safety in Numbers Campaign*

CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation’s Safety in Numbers Campaign has been launched on 5th May in Parliament by broadcaster and CTC President, Jon Snow, who is a regular cycle commuter in London. He said:

“London’s streets have started getting a lot safer, thanks to the growth in cycling over the past decade.”

Logic tells us that the more people who cycle, the safer cycling becomes for everyone and now CTC has gathered even more evidence to back this up.

Roger Geffen, CTC’s Campaigns and Policy Manager, said:

“There is good evidence that cycling gets safer the more cyclists there are.Yet despite this, local councils are often reluctant to encourage cycling for fear that this would lead to more casualties – and some even think the best way to meet their safety targets is to scare people off cycling altogether!”

In a comparison of cycle use and cyclists’ safety in English cities and counties, CTC has found that the places with the highest cycle use – York, Cambridgeshire and Hull – are also the safest places to cycle. Also, in London there has been a 91% increase in cycle use since 2000, together with a 33% reduction in the actual number of cyclist casualties over roughly the same period. This adds weight to international evidence that the best way to improve cyclists’ safety is to encourage more people to cycle.

The World Health Organisation has backed the campaign.

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