Pulse Glowing Bike Concept

Pulse bike imageImage via Core77

It's hard to say no to a glowing bike, especially when it looks tight as hell and could save your life in a dark intersection. The folks at Bicycle Design pointed us to a Core77 post about the Pulse, a tasty single-speed concept generated by design firm Teague. Designer Dana Krieger calls the Pulse a "tribute to the triangle," and, at least on paper, it packs a healthy dose of tech-forward features like turn signals, brake lights, and of course the luminous frame.

pulse bike bars image
Images via Core77

But don't get too excited. The Pulse is a just a concept (like this glowing Puma bike), and as an observant commenter over at Bicycle Design noted, the glowing frame does conspicuously overlap the crank in the renderings. Teague's short vid on the bike doesn't flesh things out much, either.

Nevertheless, an illuminated frame is a legitimate notion, especially for someone like me who likes to lash LED Christmas lights around his Bianchi.

pulse bike back image


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