Permanent Warning Sign

We've received a query from NZTA about permanent warning signs showing not just a bicycle (as is currently the case in NZ), but also a person. The background is that apparently they are considering changing the permanent warning sign for cyclists to have a human being shown in it. It's the only permanent warning sign that currently doesn't show a person.

Here's what CAN members have contributed.

Bicycle parking


Bicycle parking

Bicycle Route Sign - Germany

Bicycle Permanent Warning Sign - Germany

Bicycle sign

Bicycle path sign

Bicycle road sign

Bicycle logo for carriageway

Bicycle road sign - Oregon, USA

Bicycle logo for carriageway - Oregon, USA

Bicycle lanes signs

Bicycle logo for pathway

I imagine NZTA staff might even recognise where they are from.

My favourite's the one in the triangle - the big cyclist with the even bigger head on the pokey little bike.

Maybe we could have a design competition?! I know a tertiary product design school who might be interested (check with Axel if you want to follow up).

I made a related query in a ChainLinks Planning/Design article a few years back (Dec '03) see here.

I also reiterated the same question in my 2007 Cycling Conf paper "Are you a Cyclist or Do you Cycle? The Language of Promoting Cycling".