Pedal Powered Lawn Mower Is Talk of Handmade Bike Show

If you are going to have a lawn, TreeHugger Mike recommends a reel (or push) mower. (But then, he is an addict) If you are going to have a really big lawn, talk to Ted Wojcik. He built this mower, seen at the North American Handmade Show. He normally builds more conventional bikes at Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles in New Hampshire.

lawnmower bike custom photo 2

According to his website,

After more than 25 years of designing and manufacturing bicycle frames, Ted is revered as one of the masters of the trade. His bicycles have won medals at USCF championships, NORBA events, Tour Du Pont, the Pan-Am Games, and World Champnship Track events.

Tipster John says "a few people tried it out and it totally did the job and rode real smoothly and easily due to the design. It was the talk of the show."