Patrick's working week

Monday 1 April, Easter Monday



Draft news release about bike lights, get comments from CAN people and UK's CTC, finalise and send.


  • Invite people to create and upload 30 second video introduction
  • Add new registrations
  • Coordinate post CAN Do ride
  • Phone with Barb Insull re CAN Do logistics, speakers, programme, registrations
  • Meet with CAN volunteer on tidying up CAN Do programme
  • Update CAN achievements list. Insert subheadings

Draft CAN text for Brake's Road Safety Week campaign in May

Update Facebook and Twitter.

bumped into WCC councillor Iona Pannett, discussed annual plan and cycling issues

Attend Cycle Aware Wellington meeting

Bumped into economist for a major charity



Invited a CAN member to send a book review to Chainlinks

Phone calls:
Marilyn N re instructor training, Pedal Ready programme

Paul M re Hawkes Bay group, Big Easy, campaign ideas

John Mauro re CAN Do, background to CAN

Met Uli from NZTA and Frocks on Bikes reps re Asia Pacific Cycling conference key messages

Research a possible CAN partner / donor. Invite them for a coffee.



Called Radio NZ re bike lights
Lights story appeared in Cap Times
Respond to news story on taking the lane.

Emailed OAG re childhood obesity investigation - is there an opportunity for CAN to have a say?

Spread the word re Wellington cycling forum to media and cycling groups

Talk to Gen Zero speaker Ryan M
Recorded 30 seconds video for CAN Do.


Ride day

Fielded a call from Capital Times reporter, commented for a story, arranged photos.