Objective 1: To improve cycle safety throughout Wellington

Target 1

The Annual Land Transport Road Safety Report and Residential Satisfaction Survey show a reduction in the number of reported cycle crashes and an improvement is shown in the perception of safety [end of targets]

What is the Council's position on cycle safety in the city?

Policy 1.1
Every opportunity to make the city as safe as possible for cyclists must be explored

Policy 1.2
Cycle friendly traffic-calming measures will be implemented as required to moderate motorists speeds

How will council do this?

Proposed Actions

1.1 Adopt best practice guidelines for cycle network and route planning 1.2 Regulate for lower speed limits in local streets to provide alternatives to busy main roads where appropriate 1.3 Deliver road safety campaigns targeting both motorists and cyclists with a focus on reducing cycle injuries 1.4 Deliver awareness campaigns on the responsibilities of all parties for both shared cycle/footpaths and bus lanes. 1.5 Facilitate a forum where industry and community representative can come together to discuss cycling issues. This group would assist in planning and delivering road safety and travel planning initiatives. 1.9 Require cycle safety assessments as part of resource consent applications for new developments (especially for multi-units and Central Area) 2.2 Determine a suitable methodology for assessing levels of service, and apply assessment to all routes identified in Appendix 1 3.1 Provide cycle friendly sump grates on the cycle network and on cycle friendly routes 3.4 Provide bus lanes on key commuter routes as set out in the Council’s Bus Priority Plan, and accommodate the needs of cyclists in the design and operations of bus lanes 3.6 Provide colour road surface on designated cycle lanes (refer Appendix 1)
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