NZTA meeting report - 11 November 2008

Patrick Morgan and I had our regular monthly catch-up with NZTA staff yesterday. There are quite a few things of interest to report:

1. Driver training/licensing & the Road Code
As a result of our meeting with Annette King and Harry Duynhoven in September on our Nine Point Plan for Cycle Safety Jim Furneaux, NZTA's Manager of Driver Licensing Standards joined us to give NZTA's response on our request for greater consideration of cyclists in driver instruction, driver licensing and in the Road Code.

Briefing notes issued by MoT/NZTA have already been posted on the CAN website at

I've posted notes about this issue (and issues 2 & 3 below) from yesterday's meeting on the CAN website at

2. Share the Road
Notes on NZTA's response to our call for a national Share the Road campaign are also on the CAN website (references as above).

3. Legal issues - cyclist priority over side roads & burden of proof
As above.

4. NZTA walking & cycling team
Ian Appleton has moved out of the walking and cycling team at NZTA, leaving Jason Morgan and Gerry Dance as the only two staff in this area. Staff will know where they're placed in the new organisation in the next few weeks, and it's hoped that someone will pick up the walking and cycling stuff that Ian was doing.

5. NZTA regional education advisors
After Natalie Hazelwood's presentation to the CAN Do in October a couple of CAN groups have tried to engage with regional education advisors at their regional NZTA offices, only to be told that their 'assist and advise' role only relates to Approved Organisations. I raised this with Gerry and Jason who tell me that this is not the case, and that the education advisors will be reminded that they are also to liaise with community organisations, including user groups.

6. Professional walking & cycling network
We asked whether any professional networks had already been set up for people working in the area of sustainable transport  x  Apparently there is an e-mail group set up by Local Govt NZ ( which may be open to people in the private sector and organisations like CAN. This group is currently pretty inactive, and we offered to help NZTA identify some people who can help to stimulate and moderate discussions in various areas (e.g. technical, road safety, promotion). Any suggestions or offers?

The USA has an excellent professional network, which can be found at

7. Economic case for walking & cycling
NZTA are embarking on a research project to build the economic case for more walking and cycling in NZ. They are about to issue a Request for Quotation.

8. Modelling software
NZTA are in the process of developing and online photographic collage and multimedia resource package to enable people to model or demonstrate transport solutions or options through videos, photos or maps. This could be an extremely useful tool for CANners.

9. Economic Evaluation Manual
We briefly discussed the concept of a National Cycle Network and how one might develop the case for it. NZTA have an economic modelling tool available that can help with this. The link to the Economic Evaluation Manual software is

NZTA suggested they may be able to provide training to a small group of CAN members in the use of this software. Let me know if you or any of your local group members would be interested in receiving this training.

The National Cycle Network idea could be a useful one to catch the attention of the new government. It may need to be presented in a way that shows the overall vision but also identifies some key sections that could be tackled first up.

10. Footpath & shared foot/cyclepath survey report
NZTA have just published a report giving results from a survey about pedestrian footpaths, and shared footpaths/cycleways which was conducted with some territorial local authorities between 30 April and 30 May 2008. It's available at

Contact me if you'd like to ask any questions or make comment on this material.

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