NTCA's next meeting, 5.30 pm, Weds 7th March 2012.


Group's next meeting, 5.30 pm, Weds 7th September 2011.


Meet at the STOS cafeteria, Devon Street West at 5.30pm.


  1. Anything from last meeting to be discussed not covered below?
  2. NPDC goings on/Lets Go.  Anything to support?
  3. NPDC LTCCP coming up.  Timing etc for submissions.
  4. 2012 2Walk&Cycle conference debrief - best bits to report. 
  5. Can we find a cool business for New Plymouth's first bike corral
  6. 60 second raves on what's been good and not so good.
  7. Plan a ride?
  8. Local content article for next Chainlinks.