Nine Point Plan - December 2010

Supporting Cycling in New Zealand

You will recall the Petition Nine-Point Plan for Cycle Safety you supported, which Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) presented to the Ministers of Transport, Police and Road Safety in 2008 with over 3,000 signatures. Since that time, New Zealand has had a change in Government and is operating in a more difficult economic environment, where greater emphasis has been placed on the economic benefits of ‘building roads', rather than developing sustainable, safe ,and integrated transport systems.

Don't you hate it when they pass you too close or cut you off?

Don't you wish there were more attractive and safe cycleways?

Would you like to see more cycling opportunities for children?

For the past four years, CAN has been able to support our networks throughout New Zealand with staff and offices in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. We're grateful for the support of the NZ Transport Agency in helping to achieve this. However, this arrangement has come to an end and we have reviewed our ability to provide the same level of support.

Extensive investigations during the past two years have failed to find sufficient alternative sources of funding to maintain the same level of support. As a result, our existing contracts with staff will finish this month.

The message from attendees of our recent CAN Do workshop was clear. They wish to retain some level of staff and office support. The considerable media attention on cycling in recent weeks demonstrated the value of having that resource.

Note that the volunteer support that CAN has provided from day one will continue. This does rely on our members, friends and supporters doing just a little bit each can make quite a difference.

In order to maintain an office and paid staff to work with local groups, the media and to deliver services such as cycling skills training, we need to raise a minimum of $80,000 each year.
We are proud of CAN's achievements over the past 14 years, and, with your help, look forward to achieving our vision: more people on bikes, more often.

Fundraising Appeal


Donations of any size are welcomed, but regular contributions by automatic payment are particularly useful as they enable us to plan. CAN is a registered charity, so donations made to CAN are tax deductible.  If your employer offers payroll giving, you can donate to CAN straight from your pay.  Please contact your employer.  CAN’s bank account details are: Cycling Advocates Network, Kiwibank 38-9005-0922435-01, please use Nine Point Plan Donation as your reference and follow up with an email

Your support makes a huge difference.

Thanks, and cycle on

Graeme Lindup, CAN Chair
Patrick Morgan, Project Manager


Merry Cycling Christmas with CAN Merchandise