New Plymouth Workshop Evaluation Report

Being Cycle Aware
A half-day workshop for bus drivers and bikers, New Plymouth, 27 April 2011

Workshop Evaluation Report

4 bus drivers and 7 bikers attended.
Feedback from 8 participants was collected.

Summary of Feedback
Participant were asked 5 questions.

1. How often do you cycle?: regularly (3 or more times/week) / occasionally / never
Most (6) cycled regularly, 1 occasionally and 1 never.

2. What did you find most valuable in the workshop?
Making everyone more aware of each other on the road, especially different sizes and types of vehicle needs.
Feedback from bus drivers on future bicycle safety initiatives
Bus drivers' perspectives
Cyclists' views
Finding out how narrow the cycle lanes are
Hearing others' views
Hearing views from other cyclists about safety

3. What could have been dropped from the workshop?
I thought it was balanced.

4. What suggestions would you make for additions or improvements?
Riding the bus through town.
Cyclists to drive a bus.
Regular discussions
More people should have this experience

5. Any other comments?
Thanks etc
Everything fine, great interaction
A good day
Nice food
Would like to meet other road users and hear their points of view towards cyclists
Keep open communication

Overall, feedback was positive. Participants liked the exchange of views and hearing from others. Some wanted more bus time e.g. on the road.
Despite strong winds the bike ride went ahead, with good opportunities to demonstrate issues faced by people on bikes.

Thanks to
Cycling Advocates Network
New Plymouth District Council
Roadsafe Taranaki

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