National Radio Sunday, 23 August 2009 11:00am - midday: Cycle Friendly Cities


We’ve heard a lot lately about John Key’s so-called Great Rides Cycle Way. A network of cycle tracks aimed squarely at the recreational and tourism markets.

But the vast majority of cyclists, both in this country and abroad, do most their riding in cities and towns.

So how do you create truly cycle-friendly cities? What is it about Copenhagen that sees 55 percent of its residents commute by bicycle?

And what needs to change in New Zealand cities to stop the decades long decline in those cycling on a daily basis?

Ideas interviews:

Bicycle Culture Consultant Mikael Colville-Anderson;

Wellington City Councillor Celia Wade-Brown, and:

BikeNZ CEO Kieran Turner.


Have not listened to the discussion as yet - question for us though is why did RNZ turn to BikeNZ for a discussion on cycle friendly cities and not CAN?

I gather BikeNZ are keen to promote cycle commuting in Wellington.  

---- Alastair