More cyclists on Auckland city roads

Auckland is enjoying a strong cycling revival, according to a regional transport authority survey, which has recorded a 27 per cent increase in bikes on the roads in the past year.

Although that region-wide figure is exciting for cycling advocates, Auckland City reports a stronger 39 per cent increase within its boundaries.

"We had the perception [that this was happening] but now we are seeing the figures to prove it," said Cycle Action Auckland spokeswoman Barbara Cuthbert. "We are seeing a complete change now to everyday cyclists getting on to the roads."

The Auckland Regional Transport Authority recorded more than 12,000 movements at 84 sites across the region on a one-day "snapshot" taken at peak times during the second week of March.

Although some riders are likely to have been counted at more than one site, strategy and planning general manager Peter Clark said the survey showed that recent improvements in cycling infrastructure were having an impact.

More than 600 cyclists were counted on the 12km-plus Northwestern Cycleway.

Auckland's busiest site was the intersection of Tamaki Drive and the Strand, where more than 900 cyclists were counted.

By Mathew Dearnaley

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