Minutes July 1st NTCA Meeting

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

1 July 2009, STOS cafeteria.


Chair:  Graeme

Note Taker:  Graeme

Present:  Alan, Graeme, Gaye, Nathaniel

Apologies:  Joanne, Stuart, Rowan

1.  Oral submission LTCCP - Alan and Graeme did their stuff on June 5th, went well.  Full council meeting on 29th June adopted the LTCCP.  Need to investigate the details in their minutes to see what survived.   

2.  Cycling conference - Nathaniel and Graeme were in the organising committee's last conference phone call.  Frustrating experience as little seems to being done.  Nathaniel, Graeme and Antony Rhodes from Venture Taranaki will be meeting Dean Bradley from CMSL the paid conference organisers on July 10th.  Will discuss concerns lack of progress with him.

Sponsorship seems a big issue, Nathaniel to draft up something for presenting to STOS and Transfield Worley to see if they would assist.  Alan indicates not a lot of money available for STOS to hand out.  

3.  Sustainable Transport initiatives at NPDC - Nathaniel reported on upcoming initiatives:

  • Davies Lane - Say No to Cars campaign July 2nd - Street party to be held tomorrow to encourage parents not to use the cul de sac Davies Lane when they drop kids off at West End School.  Kea Crossing has been provided in Belt Road to allow them to be dropped off further away. 
  • Coastal Pathway Courtesy Campaign (planned for Aug 15-16) - This will consist of an advertising campaign and a procession along the walkway led by Motorua School that will pick up other schools along the way and finish at Puke Ariki landing. Theme will be for bicycles and pedestrians using the Coast Pathway to show courtesy and respect for each other. There will be an opportunity for interested groups to have stalls.
  • The Te Henui commute map is ready, 1500 printed off and will be distributed to cycle shops and information centres.  The Huatoki map is in progress and shouldn't be far from being completed.
  • TV One Road Show - went well helped by a great dawn that was very frosty.  Lots of walkers and cyclists passing through and got on TV along with Tamati.
  • Green paint going down on some cycle lanes but being put on when the air and road is too cold.  Some photos have been posted up: http://can.org.nz/category/image-galleries/new-plymouth and at: http://can.org.nz/article/green-paint-is-being-trialled-in-a-few-locations-around-new-plymouth
  • The shared pathway barriers over the Waiwhakaiho River Bridge are up and some of the approaches have been completed.  Signs yet to go up and one existing one to be moved. Som photos have been posted up: http://can.org.nz/category/image-galleries/new-plymouth and at: http://can.org.nz/article/shared-pathway-over-the-waiwhakaiho-river-bridge-nearing-completion

4.  CSIT/NTCA meeting - Held today at lunch time.  Alan and Graeme attended.  Copy of the minutes to be put up as soon as Nathaniel issues them.     

5.  2009 CAN Do - Conference call to be held with Patrick, Graeme and Nathaniel on Friday to see how NTCA can help.  Alan has drafted up some information regarding rides around the Taranaki region for those here for the conference and the CAN Do. Graeme to do something on mountain biking.

Ideas for NTCA to assist have been posted at: http://can.org.nz/article/planning-for-can-do-09

6.  Next meeting - Wednesday 5th August.