minutes 25-3-2009

Bicycle Nelson Bays minutes 25-3-2009

Present: Anne, Helen, Fiona, Richard, Lyneke

 Agenda items

Meetings and acrtive membership

-need to have regular meetings at a regular venue

-meeting at the pub went well


Tasman Regional Land Transport Strategy

Heart of Nelson follow up

Port Nelson Infill

BAG issues

-need to have regular meetings at a regular venue to get more people to make it to meetings.  Meeting at the pub went well but not conducive to getting a lot of work done.  Fiona to send Anne an up to date list to identify people who could become active members.  Fiona to develop a script for talking to new members.  It was messy to sign people up with BNB then try and get them to join CAN.  Is the key point to do it by emails/website.  Meetings from 2nd Tuesday of the month from now on- does this clash with road cycling?

Tasman Regional Land Transport Strategy and Plan

Richard to draft up submission and circulate- develop a cheat sheet for submissions

Tasman LTCCP

Richard to draft up submission and circulate- develop a cheat sheet for submissions- Fiona says Transition Nelson, cycle Nelson

Heart of Nelson follow up

Richard suggested he and Anne meet with David Jackson of NCC to discuss the BNB submission.

Port Nelson Infill

BNB put in a submission  on Port Nelson Infill Opportunity for enhancement

Formalizing the route currently used by Cyclists, signage

Road from Tank farm (avoids Queen Elizabeth Drive)

Upcycle advertising

Helen wants to advertise for a new group starting.  Current group is off doing its own things!!  Helen to email Richard details plus Helen to spend some of BNB funding.  Hubub- TDC's insert for Richmond.  Another article in the Leader about Upcycle.  One of the members is an occasional werite for The Mail- Helen is going to send it to Fiona for Chainlinks.  

Road Safe Nelson Bays

Meeting next week.  Motueka/ Vanguard street remains an issue.  Gladstone/ SH6 intersection lights are proposed.  Traffic is building up back to the rugby filed.  How do cyclists cross over to turn right off Gladstone Road into Oxford Street.  Ranzau Road- changing how trucks join the road- its 70km/h past the school.  Speed linit should be down to 50km/h.  and enforced.  More 40km/hr zones

Active Transport Forum

Anne is concerned that the date has changed.   Meetings are scheduled around when NZTA will be in town.  BNB are concerned that the next meeting will be a bit of a disaster.  Richard to ask Krista to do a presentation on TDC's draft RLTP and LTCCP in relation to active transport.

Cycling Conference

12 and 13 November in New Plymouth. 

BAG issues

-         vehicles on one way bridges

-         Collingwood Street - all of it- pedestrian refuge, advance stop boxes don't have feeders.  Education programme too. 

-         Cycle lane - Trafalgar street /  Tahuna Drive


 Helen has upcycle article- photo needs to be not less than 350-500kb or 1024 x 768 pixels


Richard to take over the finance from Helen.   Fiona to check if BNB can use CAN's legal status.  If you use CAN to get funding CAN will charge 1-2 %.  Need protocols in place.  CAN wants $$$ for the business cards.  Competion tio register with BNB website- $200 Ground Effect vouchers and free family CAN membership.

Regional Transport Committee


This is unresolved.



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