Meetings schedule

I've taken on the role of Meetings Co-ordinator for CAN. I'm putting together a list of organisations and people we need to meet with, and a list of CANners who are prepared to attend meetings on behalf of CAN.

1. would you like to be on the list?
2. are there any organisations missing?
3. are the priorities right?
4. can you suggest meeting topics?
5. what are your areas of interest/speciality?
6. where are you prepared to attend meetings?
7. what's your availability?
8. can you think of anyone else who should be on the 'people who'll meet' list?



Microsoft Office document icon CAN Meetings Schedule.doc159 KB


Hi Robert,

1) Yes
2) another ministry that I would recommend to be added is the new Infrastructure Minister & Ministry.
3) Ok! Not sure
a) Raising awareness - environment, health, transport, peak oil as a combined issue. What are they doing about it.
b) Where does cycling fit in (and if missing impress the need to include everyday cycling)

5) Health, peak oil
6&7) Preferably in wgtn, once a month should be ok
8) health NGOs


Happy to help out, though pretty busy through till March next year.
Cycle network is of interest, but can try and sound intelligent on anything else.


Hi All

'Scuse ignorance, but would meeting with pro-cycling MPs fit here or would it be up to local groups? Meetings might be for:

1. A single one to introduce CAN/ everyday cycling in NZ - I think Axel has this in mind

2. Irregular but ongoing about policy and provision for cycling and/or big issues such as (lack of) implementation at regional/ local level

3. Specific issues such as in a local area...

Or are MPs just too far removed from the practical stuff to be worth meeting with?

Hi Scorcher,
the purpose of these meetings is exactly what you are recommending.

Some of them are going to be regular like ministry of transport, but some will be irregular. As a thumb rule, metings with ministries, if possible, will be regular and meetings with MPs/Ministers will be irregular.


Hi Robert,
as indicated in my posting today, we need to take up council's minimum car park as an agenda item as well. You can't move people out of cars if you give them facilities to bring their car to work.


Hi Sridhar

It's a total disconnect. Nelson have approved all day parking next door to the Council building...