Meeting on Owhiro Bay transport issues 20 August

Celia Wade-Brown and Paul Bruce are organising a meeting on transport issues for Owhiro Bay - any volunteers for a CAW rep?


After a number of comments from residents in Owhiro Bay, and discusions regarding car pooling, bus services etc, Paul Bruce and I've got a modest public meeting organised for the 20th August, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Owhiro Bay School. I have had some earlier correspondence regarding this with Jill Beck, Ping Sim and Jane Davis in GW.

It is likely to be billed as

"Transport issues in Owhiro Bay - buses, walking, cycling and cars - how to help each other get around safely!" We expect to publicise via flyers, also in the school newsletter and by e-mail.

Suggested agenda is

  • Introductions - Celia
  • Issues - led by local resident
    • Destinations people need to get to - produce list from participants
    • Times people need to travel
    • Current problems
  • Exploring possible solutions and improvements
      • Bus services - school, morning, evening, other - need GW person - despite formal consultation being over we hope GW can take into account - NZ Bus have offered to send someone too.
      • Car pooling - official GW site & informal possibilities - need GW person
      • Cycling issues - will invite someone from Cycle Aware Wellington plus mention WCC strategic investment
      • Walking issues - to bus stops/ schools/ Island Bay/ other - self or WCC staff or local Living Streets person?
      • Road safety, especially outside school - plans - Stuart Bullen has been working on this and I'd like him to attend if possible
      • Information issues - Metlink, journeyplanner, signage - need GW person
  • Follow-up actions/ information to be found/next steps - Paul to summarise
      I would welcome your input and hope that someone from the appropriate staff area would be able to speak. Cr Celia Wade-Brown Wellington City Councillor Environment Portfolio Leader 42 High Street Island Bay Wellington 6023 New Zealand 04 938 6691 027 483 6691