med student wants for info on cycling in Auckland

Dear Patrick,
I am a second year medical (MBCHB) student from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. A selection of medical students undertake summer studentships for 10 weeks to further research in an area of interest, producing a written report at the end of the project.

Currently I am doing a studentship with Public Health Research Fellow (Epidemiology and Biostatistics) Dr. Alex Macmillan and we are comparing the 'effective speeds' of cars, buses and bicycles in Auckland. 

Anne referred your contact details on to me and suggested I contact you, as you are very knowledgeable concerning bicycle use in Auckland.
The specific aim for our project is: "To build on Paul Tranter's work in Australia about the 'effective speed' of different transport choices and to analyse the effective speed by income and ethnicity in New Zealand." We are focusing on Auckland in 2006 (same year as the Census survey) in particular, and want to look specifically at inequalities in effective speed.

I was wondering if I could please ask you about:
 - The one-off and long-term payments required to maintain a 'high-end' bicycle
 - The time costs that are involved with using and maintaining a bicycle
- The positive reasons why people use bicycles and the benefits for one's health and environment
 - How many people in Auckland use bicycles and how frequently they use them
 - Any primary data sources you have gained your information from which could be helpful to read and use for the project

I am very glad to ring you or meet with you at a time that suits if it is easier than e-mailing.
Please let me know when you would be free and a contact number if that would be suitable for you.
Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Anna Kang
MBCHB student
University of Auckland


Hi Anna,
thanks for the request. I have posted it on our website at

See also
Suggest you contact Auckland City Council on cycle numbers. Or check the census.