Manukau Harbour Crossing – Walking and Cycling

Jim Jackson, Chair of The Onehunga Enhancement Society, has asked Cycle Action to get feedback from cyclists on a proposal from the NZ Transport Agency to replace the old Mangere pedestrian bridge. $12m has been allocated for the project, and one of the three options on offer is to use the current temporary bridge further to the east. Jim says the local community is keen on this.

Here's Jim's message:

Currently there are initial discussions taking place regarding the replacement of the old Mangere pedestrian bridge.The structure is beyond both its structural and economic life and neither ACC nor MCC will take responsibility for it until it is repaired or replaced by NZTA.

NZTA have allocated $12m for its replacement and are keen to provide a new structure. As part of the high level bridge construction process MHX have built a temporary access bridge to the east and have asked the community would they accept this as the replacement pedestrian bridge (option B).

This option would cost in the vicinity of $4m to make it a permanent structure. The $8m saving could be used to restore the foreshore between the old pedestrian bridge and the new high level bridge.

The new pedestrian bridge would add around 100 meters further to walk for pupils walking to OHS from Mangere (would this be a problem?).

It would have a high level of lighting for public safety and fishing platforms etc.

With the removal of the old bridge this would allow for the proposed all tide ramp to be relocated on the protected side of the pedestrian bridge abutments and could also include a ferry terminal, storage facilities for wakas and a few marina berths.

If the quality of the area is to be improved I am sure this would encourage more people to use it and we would see the gradual change in attitude that the Manukau harbour does have many positive features.

Any outcome must ensure a high quality foreshore redevelopment with quality harbour access.

This could happen quickly if there is support from communities on both sides of the harbour.From my discussions so far there seems to be strong community support for the NZTA proposal where the temporary structure is upgraded to a permanent structure.

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