Mamachari Bicycles in Wellington and beyond

After watching an inspired doco called ‘The Age of Stupid’, my wife Sarah and I began Mamachari Bicycles at the start of 2010 as a way to learn to live more lightly on this beautiful planet we’ve been blessed with. Since then, we’ve become importers, bike mechanics, bloggers, retailers and in a way, cycle advocates.

Now we have an awesome new logo and website put together by our talented neighbours and friends, Hannah and Thomas, who also created World Sweet World. Waiting in the wings, we’re planning to re-locate to have our warehouse, workshop and showroom all under the same roof. It has been getting more and more cramped under our house which is packed with bikes. We have a workshop that fits one bicycle at a time and our garden has not had much gardening in the last little while.

We’ve sourced second-hand, upright bicycles directly from Japan in order to recycle them back onto New Zealand’s roads, just as kiwis have been doing with used cars for the past few decades. Our bicycles have been carefully rebuilt, and with sturdy steel frames and simple no-nonsense components, chances are they’ll outlast most cars on the road.

Not only are our Mamacharis a practical and environmentally friendly transport alternative, we also reckon they’re things of beauty. We’re well aware that not everyone aspires to the lycra-clad image – embrace your right to cycle in style! Our bicycles are not sports-machines, rather, they are a chic way of getting about your daily life, suit, skirt, heels and all.

Give one of our upright bicycles a spin and enjoy the care-free comfort of cycling Mamachari-style.

Failing that, why not pull out that old Raleigh 20 out from under the house, give it a dust, pump up the tyres and get back into cycling the way it’s meant to be.

More beautiful bikes on the road, more often!

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