Making the Move

Making the Move - On-road Workshop
The Making the Move workshop is an intensive on-road (outside) session aimed at, those who are contemplating riding to work and want to increase their confidence cycling in traffic and those who want tips and advice on urban cycling.

Time: 90 minutes
Number of Participants: Maximum 6
Trainer: Patrick Morgan (or other CAN approved trainer)
Cost per session: $300 +gst (4 hours, 2.5 prep, 1.5 delivery) all materials

This session will give participants an opportunity to practise some on road bike skills.

  • undertake a basic bike, helmet and rider check
  • set their bike up so that it fits them
  • set off from the side of the road and join the flow of traffic
  • negotiate traffic lanes and position themselves correctly
  • communicate their movements effectively with other road users
  • make left and right turns
  • negotiate bus lanes, advanced stop boxes, shared lanes and traffic signals
  • cycle using appropriate bike etiquette, courtesy and understand traffic rules.