LTCCP Palmerston North 2009

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Re the submission I agree with the majority of the issues
1 Glass It is a real problem. Us Tri & Road guys get heaps of punctures and any means to address this is good.
2 Getting people Cycling. Bike wise is good, but what really brings people out are the Women's Tri where we get around 1,800 Women, most have never cycled before and they continue on with Tri's. We also do the Kids Tri's and we are getting up to 600 children every monday night. This encourages their parents to start cycling as well.
Without a goal, event etc it is hard to get people into cycling. That's where the local Cycle & Tri Clubs come in. Any assistance, funding to the Clubs will help provide a sustained cycling community.
Inthe Tri Club this year we have the N.Z Secondry Schools Duathlon Champs, The N.Z National Duathlon Champs and the Oceania Duathlon Champs which provide a great oppurtunity for Manawatu people to give it a go.
I don't really agree with lockers as the real usage would be minimal. Most cyclists keep their packs with them and most bikes are far too expensive to leave locked up.