Invitation to hear Steve Henry - international speaker

Invitation from
Barbara Branch
Councillor, Hutt City
I would like to invite you and your organisation members to a hear a special 'keynote' speaker - Steve Henry, who we have been very fortunate to persuade to speak in Lower Hutt for one night only.  Steve was the most inspirational speaker at a recent Local Government NZ conference held in Christchurch earlier this year.  All the delegates who attended from all the community boards were impressed with his ideas and vision for interacting with local communities, including businesses and also councils to encourage eco friendly and sustainable development.  I am sure that this would be of great interest to your group - and it is FREE!
The meeting is to be held at the Lower Hutt Little Theatre on Tuesday, 15th September 6.45pm for a 7pm start.  I would be delighted if you, and anyone that you think would be interested in the future development of Hutt City, would attend.