How to commute by bike

Ever glance enviously at the cyclists whizzing past while you're stuck in traffic? Joining 'em is easy -- and it doesn't have to involve full-body spandex.

The health benefits of biking to work are plenty, from helmet hair a svelte physique to breathing fewer air pollutants than those stuck in cars. Regular bikers live longer and are less likely to get depressed than non-bikers, boasts the Chelsea Green Guide on biking to work. And with fuel prices showing no sign of coming down, you can save serious bling on gas -- plus, there's that teeny detail of cutting your carbon emissions.

Employers are wising up to the perks of bike commuting, too, as two-wheeling workers are more productive and don't need parking spaces. Google gave 2,000 bikes to employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa last spring, and the lucky folks at New Belgium Brewing Co. receive a bike after a year of service. In addition to bike storage and showers, Seattle's Vulcan gives cyclists money for a cab if they leave after sunset -- not too shabby!

So what's not to love? Maybe the fear of getting doored, but don't let that keep you off the streets. Biking is safer than you think -- some claim it's even safer than driving.
How do you avoid the perils of the open road and arrive at the office, soy latté intact?

Here's how to start.



There will be a book about it shortly written by Carlton Reid and Tim Grahl:

You can listen to their MPEG-4 podcasts re biking to work off iTunes etc as well.