Horizons Regional Public Transport Plan Review - please have your say

Horizons Regional Council is currently reviewing the Regional Transport Plan which specifies what public transport services should be provided in the Region. The council invites public feedback on the current Plan, community transport issues and the services the community wishes to see implemented in the future in order to prepare a draft Plan for public consultation in July 2011.

A series of pre-consultation meetings are taking place throughout the region.  CAM members are encouraged to attend these which include

Palmerston North

Monday 1 November 2010, 2pm at Horizons Regional Council Boardroom, 11-14 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North


Wednesday 3 November 2010, 10am

Manawatu District Council, Manawatu Room, 135 Manchester Street, Feilding

As well, CAM members are encouraged to send feedback for a CAM to forward as part of its response, or to send individual feedback, which can be sent via email transport@horizons.govt.nz   

Some key points to note are as follows:

  • Shifting people from private vehicles to public transport is very positive for the environment and, in particular, for assisting NZ to meet its international obligations re reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Shifting people from private vehicles to public transport means fewer vehicles and less congestion on roads shared by cyclists.
  • Shifting people from private vehicles to public transport is a far more economically efficient use of the transport network.
  • Urban bus services should allow bikes to be carried as happens in some other urban areas.


For further information see http://www.horizons.govt.nz/getting-people-places/passenger-transport/regional-public-transport-plan-review/Regional Public Transport Plan Review

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