Getacross Campaign - Update

 An update from Bevan Woodward and the Getacross Campaign:

Here's the plan from here..

- We intend meeting with the NZTA's CEO to see if they will re-open the walk/cycle way study

- We will ask the PM to consider making the walk/cycle a "Road of National Significance", which means it is entitled to a share of the recently announced $1 billion of extra funding for State Highway projects.

- We are staging a short protest outside the NZTA's "Bridges Linking Communities" Conference on Wednesday, 8:30 to 9:30am outside the Sky City, please contact Andy for details:   or 
021-474 740.  

- We have lodged a complaint with the Auditor-General's office over the NZTA's conduct relating to the walk/cycle way study, see:

This is inspiring video of Sunday's events, it's a must watch!...

Below is a letter of apology to the motorists delayed by the protest, which I have sent to the Herald.

I'll be out of the country until June 12.  Sailing to Tonga, so won't have any contact unless it's a mayday!

Regards...   Bevan

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Letter to the Editor


Tue, 26 May 2009 10:01:46 +1200


Bevan Woodward <>



Forum for Auckland Sustainable Transport


Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to apologise to the motorists affected by Sunday’s protest.  Many motorists were caught up in a demonstration that they should not have been affected by.

As one of the event organisers, it was never our intention that people should force their way onto the Auckland Harbour Bridge or interrupt the traffic. 

However, on the day, people power overwhelmed us all, we as organisers, the police, and the Transport Agency’s staff.  What I cannot understand is why the Agency chose to close all four north-bound traffic lanes when just two lanes would have been sufficient.

I commend the police’s handling of events as they rapidly unfolded.  They professionally managed a difficult and unpredictable situation.

We are now in dialogue with the Transport Agency to see if we can work together in a more productive and positive manner.


Bevan Woodward
Member of the Auckland Regional Transport Committee

All enquiries to Andy Smith on 021-474 740.