Generic Ride Safety Briefing and Health & Safety Plan for cycling events

Attached is a Health and Safety Plan and Ride Briefing Glen wrote up for bus bike awareness workshop. I generalised that Health and Safety Plan however mostly left the wording in Square brackets that Glen wrote, as found the words useful prompts myself. Thanks for this Glen it is really comprehensive.

The H & S plan is useful for organisers to think clearly about potential dangers.Although obviously it needs to be filled in by a competent experienced person.

The Ride Briefing is almost entirely drafted up by Glen too. I just added a bit more re what to tell participants e.g. about eyeballing traffic crossing in front of you as a cyclist and watching for cars going through the red and crossing your path on a green.

Frocks On Bikes and Spokes Canterbury social rides have needed this sort of document to cover ourselves. Something to read out at the start of the ride.

Any comments before I post it live to CAN General?

Keen for documents like these to be readily available to our groups.

Once "signed off" I will get it posted to Frocks On Bikes national site, as these are very useful documents to have.