Gearing up

Gearing up - Seminar
The Gearing up seminar is aimed at the ‘Bike-curious'. It can be people who are not confident in traffic, those who are contemplating riding to work, those who cycle for leisure but don't cycle to work, and those contemplating buying a bike. Experienced cyclists are also welcome to share their knowledge and tips.

Time: 60 minutes
Number of Participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Patrick Morgan (or other CAN approved trainer)
Cost per session: $250 +gst (This covers 2 hours preparation, 1 hour delivery and all materials)


This session will give participants an opportunity to have their questions answered whilst covering some of the basics of urban cycling. Following the session participants will

understand the types of bikes, clothing and accessories they might need for the type of cycling they want to do
be able to check their Bikes, equipment and self before they set off
be able to plan an effective route and to cycle safely
know where they can get more information
have had their questions answered and be ready for the next step.