Frocks on Bikes on Breakfast TV thu 14 May Auckland

A message from Jasmine Cargill to all members of Frocks on Bikes, and others.

TVNZ Breakfast are doing a feature on sustainable transport and have asked for Frocks on Bikes to do a short interview, filming is at Britomart in Auckland tomorrow (thursday the 14th) between 8am and 8:40am. If you're in Akl (one day to be known as the City of Cycles) get on your gorgeous gear - we'd love you to join us for some morning frock fun!

A group will meet at Western Park on Ponsonby Rd at 7:45am and roll down K Rd and Queen St towards Britomart. If you're not in AKl please forward this message to friends who are!

Visit Frocks on Bikes at: