Friends of CAN - November 2010

Merry Cycling Christmas from CAN

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Your support of CAN is appreciated.  We are raising awareness with all people receiving e-CAN about the opportunity to support CAN financially, either by joining CAN as a financial member or becoming a regular donor.

Don’t you hate it when they pass you too close or cut you off? 

Don’t you wish there were more attractive and safe cycleways? 

Would you like to see more cycling opportunities for children?

We are all distressed to hear news of the recent deaths.  Making our roads safer is a key part of our mission. CAN volunteers and staff have been working hard to advocate for lower speeds, a share the road culture, and more investment in cycling. With your support for CAN, we can do more. 

CAN's Achievements

  • Respected knowledge base for both central and local government
  • Cycle Friendly Awards
  • CAN Do
  • Bi-annual Cycling Conference
  • Bikeability Cycle Training
  • Voice for cyclists in media
  • Detailed submissions
  • eCAN and Chainlinks Magazine
  • Network of local cycle advocacy groups

Fundraising Appeal

Since a handful of volunteers started the Cycling Advocates' Network in 1996, we have grown into a nationwide network of advocacy groups.  Contracting income via government enabled us to hire staff in 2006 through 2010.

Now these contracts have been completed with no prospect of similar funding in the near future, CAN needs your financial support to continue its presence in Wellington.  The message from the 2010 CAN Do was clear: continue with this important work. For this to happen, CAN needs financial support to maintain an office and staff.  Although most of our work is done by volunteers, I'm convinced that for CAN to remain effective, we need to retain paid staff capacity.  Some contracting income has been generated from councils, for example, cycle training and cycle route audits.  

Donations of any size are welcomed, but regular contributions by automatic payment are particularly useful as they enable us to plan. CAN is a registered charity, so donations made to CAN are tax deductible.  If your employer offers payroll giving, you can donate to CAN straight from your pay.  Please contact your employer.  CAN’s bank account details are: Cycling Advocates Network, Kiwibank 38-9005-0922435-01, please use Friends Donation as your reference and follow up with an email to

Your support makes a huge difference.

Thanks, and cycle on

Graeme Lindup, CAN Chair


Merry Cycling Christmas with CAN Merchandise