Feedback please!

Hi Squeaky Wheelers,

Wally has proposed the idea of dedicating South Canterbury's first Critical Mass ride on October 31st (5.30pm - meet at Piazza!) to the memory of Alice Baker, who was killed when hit by a car along the Pleasant Point Highway on Sunday.

Is there any other feedback on this idea? It would mean we would also ride the Hilton Highway, another difficult stretch for cyclists.



I think that dedicating the first critical mass ride to the memory of Alice Baker is a great idea. Depending on who turns up to the ride, their level of fitness and ability might determine whether people feel happy about riding out from the Piazza to the PlPt highway. Daniel do you have a supply of hi-vis vests that riders could borrow if they don't have one?
I think it is very important that riding etiquette is established at these critical mass rides. Will someone take responsibility for ensuring this?
If I am feeling well enough to ride that day I plan to join you for 30 minutes.
Thanks Jon for all the work you have done with regard to highlighting the need for urgent action.

Jane Sullivan
Community and Public Health

I think if we were to ride out to the Pleasant Point highway we could only do it by cutting across via Ashbury Park coming out at Hiltop diary then using the footpath? I took a friend quite new to cycling home once through Asbury tehn down teh road from the hiltop and it nearly finished her for commuter cycling forever. A big lesson for me!

I hate to throw a spanner in the works, but I'm not sure about the idea myself. I'm not sure whether it's the appropriate thing to do in the circumstances, or how the Baker family might feel about it. However, if you think it is a good idea I will be guided by you.

perhaps someone who knows them could approach them about the idea.
do not know them myself but they may think it a good idea
and may go away to keeping others safe on the road.

Yes, good idea Wally.

I think the family needs to be consulted first. If it's not possible to do this before the 31st then I think is better to wait until we can formally approach them with our condolences and support. Local police will be able to provide a contact number for them?

Yes, I think you are right, Magdalena.
I also wonder whether for the first C.M. when we don't know how it will go, or who will come, it might be a good idea to keep it simple - somewhere in the city that people can cope with after work.

Another question about the police. Can we invite them to participate in the ride (the one dedicate to Alice only)? Do you have polices in bikes there? if not, can we provide some?

If the police want to get on bikes and come along they are welcome; however Critical Mass is sometimes called an 'organized coincidence', not an officially organised event with all that entails. Hopefully we will not be needing a police escort!

Yes, Police and Critical Mass does not match but I though that their participation may send a strong message in the event of a critical mass dedicated to Alice. Only in that occasion.

U won't need any sort of escort! :)

Yes, I see what you mean, Magdalena. It would be a bit more complicated so we are going to stick to the plan for this month and go for a straight-forward ride in Timaru. Hope to see you there!