Economic Development Benefits of Cycle Tourism

A couple of recent pieces of work on the economic benefits of cycling tourism are: a NZ Case Study of Cycle Tourists in the South Island and a Survey of the economic benefits of the Otago Central Rail Trail.

Does anyone know of any more recent analysis on the potential for economic development through cycling tourism? 

Some recent analysis on the potential for economic development through cycling tourism:

  1. Cycle Tourism and Regional Development: A New Zealand Case Study. A 1999 paper outlining research on the activities of bicycle tourists travelling in the South Island. It concludes that bicycle tourists are useful in economic revitalisation and diversification but planning and provision of infrastructure are crucial to maximising these benefits

  2. The Otago Central Rail Trail Means Business (A survey commissioned by the OCRT Trust, completed in 2005, to establish the importance of the OCRT on accommodation providers and general business in Central Otago.

Any advice or data appreciated on other case studies or papers with recent analysis would be great to share with our network.


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