Each extra bike means one less car on the city's roads (Sydney)

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore

ON Sydney's annual Ride To Work Day next month, city workers will take to the cycleways and ride into the CBD dressed in their suits.

An increasing number of CEOs and their staff have taken up cycling since last year. One reason is the cycle network and the safety it provides.

Instead of weaving in and out of traffic, these commuters can take a separated cycleway and feel confident they can make it to work safely. The city has done the early work in building a safe and sustainable 200km cycleway network; If motorways were judged so early, they would never be built.

We know construction can be frustrating, but it is not an excuse for inaction. We work hard to manage and reduce temporary impacts while creating this new transport option.

Long-term benefits are substantial: A healthier community, better air quality, reduced vehicle congestion, quicker travel for short trips, less overcrowding on public transport and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Exciting milestones in the evolution of Sydney's cycleways are looming, which will provide connections to useful destinations: Sydney Harbour Bridge to Anzac Bridge, Airport to CBD and North Sydney to Central.

The city is not anti-car. By encouraging walking and cycling, we decrease congestion for those who must drive - couriers, taxis, truck drivers, delivery service workers, people with disabilities and emergency services.

Separated cycleways are used in many cities but are new to the City of Sydney. So far, 10km have been built or nearing completion. While some cyclists prefer to ride with the traffic, thousands of potential bike commuters will feel safer on separated cycleways.

Seventy-five per cent of respondents to a recent Galaxy poll approved of building a comprehensive bike network and 84 per cent cent considered a good bike network important.

From office commuter to family cyclists to "road warriors", there are different types of cyclists with different needs and opinions which they contact me about or post on online forums.

Craig from Hurstville posted on one forum: "I cycle to work every day, I find it easy and safe on the cycleways. The way I see it, every cyclist is one less car on the road. Think about that next time you are in a traffic jam."

There are cyclists who brave Sydney's notorious traffic. The cycleways invite other people to discover cycling and help transform our congested city for the future.

From Daily Telegraph