Doctor dies after hit-and-run

10:32AM Friday Oct 16, 2009

A 62-year-old North Shore doctor has died from head injuries after he was knocked off his bicycle in a hit-and-run northwest of Auckland on Wednesday.

Ian Graham Robinson, from Mairangi Bay, was riding with a friend, a fellow doctor, near Helensville, northwest of Auckland, when hit by a white Toyota utility.

Dr Robinson never regained consciousness after the incident on Peak Rd and died in hospital last night.

The driver did not stop and police have appealed for information.

Dr Robinson and his friend were riding about 25 metres apart on a straight stretch of road, police said.

Sergeant Mike Colson said the friend saw the impact but the only description he could provide of the vehicle was that it was a white or cream 1980s style Toyota utility vehicle with a rear deck with a fibreglass hard cover.

It appeared to be old and discoloured.

Mr Colson said the friend gave immediate first aid and went in the ambulance with Dr Robinson to hospital.

Mr Colson said the immediate treatment Dr Robinson got from his friend gave him the best chance he could have of surviving his injuries.

Mr Colson said the witness would be interviewed again to see if he could provide a more detailed description of the Toyota.

"All we have is that it is a white 1980s, 1990s early style Toyota ute. He saw Toyota on it so it is definitely a Toyota," said Mr Colson.

It was too soon to say what charges could be laid although it was being treated as a hit and run causing death.



Another cyclist's life tragically cut short, while the roading lobby continues oblivious. RIP, Dr Robinson.