Cyclist injured in cycle lane - Palmerston North.

  • An article entitled "Woman badly hurt in cycle crash" was featured on the front page of the Manawatu Standard (Friday, August 15, 2008).

  • A comment from Cycle Aware Manawatu member, Dr Christine Cheyne, entitled "Motorists must be vigilant".

Cycle Aware Manawatu want to work toward improving safety for cyclists through improved driver awareness and encouraging the addition of full cycle lanes to city streets, or appropriate and safe roading alternatives.

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It's a concern that the motorist thinks she'd only opened her door 10 cm. Without wanting to pre-judge the cause of this specific accident, or contradict the need for cycle lanes, there's a lesson for cyclists here. Don't ride too close to parked cars - even (or especially) if there is a vehicle behind you wanting to pass.

Hi - just thought I'd let you know that I tried to follow both of these links and the pages they led to are no longer available on Stuff. A shame as I was keen to read of your experience on this, having been involved in commenting on a cyclist death here in South Canterbury.

I don't mean to talk about old news, but I am the cyclist that was hit on Featherston St. The only reason I bring this up again is to again emphasis the need for cycle lanes and to highlight the fact that cycle lanes that are part of parking for cars, are pointless. I had no choice but to hit the car door, which was more than 10cm open, as there was no room to go anywhere else unfortunately I was still pushed out in the path of the truck. I also wanted to say that yes drivers need to be more aware of cyclists, but cyclists also need to be careful not to become complacent.

Good on you for keeping this very serious issue alive Anna.
'Bicycle lanes' as we currently know them in New Zealand are fatally flawed.
A completely different approach to the provision of (actually) segregated facilities for cyclists is
urgently required.
( for examples of alternative configurations from Copenhagen, Sydney, Japan, John Pucher )

Alan Preston ( in Christchurch )---------------------------------------------------------

Alan Preston in Christchurch
Promoting urban appropriate utility bicycles and utility cycling in New Zealand

It sounds to me like the car door wasn't allowed for properly. I have run into a car door before. Its not usually a fatal accident as the car door is stationary.

There is no need to consider a cycle Path. A cycle lane does serve as a good reminder for car and cyclist a like. Although to be properly safe usually requires being 1 meter from the car which means being right on the edge of the cycle lane.

Segregating just brings up a bigger safety issue. Visibility, particularly at the intersections. If the biggest safety issue to us is car doors, then we have become very complacent to real safety issues (intersections). This instance is a good reminder to everyone to follow the 1 meter rule for all obstacles to the left. The instance also reminds that swerving at the last minute doesn't work. With a car up your backside you need to have gradually moved to the correct position for passing before reaching the parked car.