Cycle Aware Manawatu Update 2012

Cycle Aware Manawatu Update 2012


Hello Cyclists!
Its been an active time in the Manawatu for things cycling with the 30 days of cycling bookended by the international cycle races! I'm writing to update you on recent cycling advocacy activities, to find out what you'd like Cycle Aware Manawatu to achieve this year, and how you'd like to be involved.

The Cycle Working Group (including Councillors, staff, and cycling enthusiasts/advocates including myself as a community group rep) worked last year and named key areas of importance for cycling in the Manawatu, with the aspiration of making it the best place to cycle in NZ. Much of our work was adopted by Council and appears in the 10 year plan, including everyday cycling initiatives. This is very exciting! It is unprecedented in the Manawatu to have such support for cycling in such a cohesive manner. The links among the cycling groups in PN has created a strong platform from which to build.

Which means it is a grand time to be involved if you love cycling. It is essential that new members of this group or the community step up to help with coordination and projects.

Some Opportunities:
1) Train Cyclists: Cycle training for adults and the opportunity to be an instructor (in collaboration with Sport Manawatu).

2) Advocate: To provide constructive feedback on the PNCC draft 10 year plan (2012-22). Although many new things have been incorporated into the 10 year plan it is important that the community show that they support these initiatives if they are to become reality.
Cycle Aware Manawatu will put in a submission if a team of volunteers is available. No experience necessary. This would take several evenings over the next month.
The LTP plan came out yesterday and submissions are due by 27th April. The submissions team would have the opportunity to speak to our submission in early-mid May (powerpoint presentation).

3) Other ideas you would like to have support in achieving?

Please reply by Sunday to let me know what you wish to be involved with:

Some inspiration:

Kind regards,

Julie Dalziel



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