Cycle Aware Hawke’s Bay Minutes, 29th April 2009

Present: Bernie, Patrick, Brent, Jeremy, Brian, Don.

Apologies: Sally, Max.

Publication of draft LTCCP's by all three councils discussed, and proposal to write submissions back to them.

First meeting of cycle coalition held in Napier and attended by Bernie. Hoping for good outcomes for commuter cyclists. CAHB could have big impact at these meetings.

Maxs letter tabled at meeting regarding problem with rail crossing near the port. Trial rumble strip at Awatoto looked at by Patrick and Bernie. Need to meet with Napier council at site, and get them to cycle over it.

St Georges rd roundabout discussed and update by Don in response to news story in HB today. Still needs attention but option to take the lane is available to those confident enough.

Signal both Napier and Hastings councils when good work is done to help safety of cyclists. New crosses rd pathway as an example.

Format letters to the editor where required to get awareness of what we as a group are trying to achieve.

Opportunity to get CAHB exposure at an expo being held on the 19th July at the Pettigrew Green Arena.

Meeting Closed.

Groups audience: