Cobham Drive Crossing - Another Get Across Campaign

NZTA has recently undertaken a study on viable options for providing active transport access to Hamilton gardens. The best of these options is an underpass from Grey street, but it costs 500k more than the NZTA's cheapest option on Sillary Street

The Hamilton gardens are the best asset of the City, but extremely difficult to access on foot or by bicycle.

CAW are proposing that a Trust be set up to help secure the difference in funding, and to enable NZTA & HCC to support and promote this vital piece of infrastructure without the rate payer being directly impacted as with the V8's, Claudelands, & the Velodrome. We are not proposing to make money but to significantly improve Hamilton City for its residents.

Our desire is to see a best rather than cheapest solution. By best we don't me massive and fancy but effective, safe and well utilised.

To date we have worked with NZTA, HCC, Living Streets, & CSS. We welcome any suggestions for additional stakeholders (Tainui, Perry Foundation etc).


<TO DO>Need to track down digital copies of the proposal that can be put on piblic website. Have contacted Peter Bos (CAW/LS) and Anuradha (NZTA)


If you would like to contribute please contact us on the CAW email below.  If you have the cash handy, please contact Anuradha at NZTA (email below).


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