Coastal Path Use

Coastal Path Use

The 7km coastal walkway, from the Port to the Waiwhakaiho River mouth, was formally opened by New Plymouth District Council in December 2003.

The 3km coastal walkway extension, from the Waiwhakaiho River mouth to Bell Block, was opened in December 2010.

The coastal walkway is very popular with the public and is enjoyed by large numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and other users. For example, nearly 30,000 people used it at Te Henui and Te Rewa Rewa bridges during each of the summer months.

Being such an important rates-funded community asset, a review is under way to give the Council better information on how the Coastal Walkway is used. This review includes:

•Observing and counting the various types of users;
•Reviewing the measures the Council takes to promote public safety on the walkway; and
•This public questionnaire!

Have your say and tell the NPDC during October how you use the Coastal Walkway by completing their questionaire.