CAW planning 2010 and 2011

Help decide what projects CAW should work on in 2010-11

During the planning meeting, over cup cakes, we came up with ideas for potential CAW projects for 2010-2011.  But we need your help to prioritise what top three projects we should work on in 2010.  Please fill in the survey form – so we can work on the top picks of a wider audience.

During 2009

Last year we worked on meetings, submissions, and improving relationships.  CAW’s three projects were: the implementation of the WCC cycling plan, membership engagement, and bus driver training.  We had a great year with a key WCC win on Thorndon Quay.  We engaged members by great events; Love to Roll, GBBD, Wairarapa tour, Obs cycle course and 350 ride.  And we helped run the first bus driver training workshop.

What now...
What should be our priorities for 2010 and 2011?  Have your say by completing the online survey – and if there is something that you particularly want to work on (whether it is on the list or not) - why not start a forum topic on the website (), work out a campaign, come along to our next meeting, get involved.

More information about the potential projects can be found at the following links

Groups audience: