CAW minutes 19/01/09


Cycle Action Waiheke

Meeting 19 January 2009

14 Hillside Rd

Waiheke Island


Present: Electra Kalaugher, Tom Ransom, Marijke Ransom, Barbara Cuthbert, Tony King Turner, Marie-France Duhamel




  • Action points from last meeting

  • Bike Wise Week – AGM, Close Esplanade Day

  • Bikes on Buses

  • ARTA Regional Meeting

  • CAW Logo

  • ACC programme of road works 2008/2009

  • Transport Forum

  • Advisory cycle lane trial



Start of meeting: 7.30pm


Action points from last meeting:

Outstanding Action Points to be followed up:

TOM: to get in touch with FUG to discuss parking removal at Matiatia

TOM AND ELECTRA: letters to police 1)requesting letter and 2)thanking for letter, also send them the map.


Community board grants: start of next year


Survey: might make good student project. To write proposal for universities, school of population health studies at Tamaki (Barb); Engineering school at Auck.Uni, Massey guy, etc.



BARBARA: to ask about cheap HI VIZ vests from loose change (50)


TOM: send copy of “raising the profile of walking and cycling in NZ” to Ray Ericson


BABARA: to send photos of advisory cycle lanes in Noosa in Australia


Bike Wise Week:

1. Biker's Breakfast - 19th of Feb – Matiatia

ELECTRA to bake muffins be reimbursed for ingredients, liase with coffee guy and fullers re orange jiuce and cups, milk, sugar??.

Also possibly bikers breakfast at High School

ELECTRA to see if SAM will organise one. MARIJKE to put in an application for a bikewise pack - organiser Marie-France.


2. AGM – possibly called “celebrate cycling” event. 22nd February- Surfdale Hall 11-2pm.

Speakers – possibly Axle - Chair of CAN or Heidleberg woman.-BARB to arrange, consider availablity, cost etc.

Source a suitable film:

TOM to talk to Mattias re a suitable film – not too long.

ALL to think of someone may be willing to play live music??

MARIJKE to book the surfdale hall.

Critical Mass cycle ride to the event 10.30 am start in Oneroa.MARIJKE to put in an application for a bikewise pack – organiser Tony.


TOM to circulate copy of bikewise week application to committee.


Logo unveiled at the AGM see item below.

Invitees to AGM – Herb, Reg, Denise..... MARIJKE to draft – Tom to sign.


3. Esplanade Road Closure event. Date 1st of March.

TOM to connect with horse and walking group (Gary Wilton– request support and help organising, build up to event. - ask them to run a stall at next week's market.

ELECTRA: Stalls at the surfdale end of Esplanade – TRANSITION TOWN/OOOBY

TOM: to organise Traffic Management Plan – contact Gary Wilton/Eileen Evans

BARB: To organise tandems for hire/use.

MARIJKE to put in an application for a bikewise pack - organiser Electra.



A. Press release week before bikers breakfast- TOM

B. Posters: Contact new ANNE ( Kirsten starts end of the month for assistance) Use Template from Bike Wise Website - ELECTRA

C. Tanya Batt – Gulf News page – MARIE FRANCE to ask Tanya what she was planning to do for Bike Wise Week and let her know what we are doing – as she intiated CAW with her efforts at bike wise week a few years ago.

D. Possible paid for ad in Gulf News depending on finances????

4. Cycle Training - Date????

Part of grant application to Bike wise week $500.00 set aside.

Possibly two sessions children and adults. Blackpool school. Possible traffic calming – police support.

BARB to contact Patrick at CAN, Liz Ross for suitable trainers and arrange suitable date and time subject to cost.



Bikes on Buses

Barb reported on possible trial for bikes on buses on Waiheke. All members agreed it would be a good opportunity. BARB to meet with Fullers – Bart understood that Fullers fleet of buses is planned to be upgraded. TONY to email Barb photos of buses in Utah.

MARIJKE to find a copy of the Waiheke Public Transport Plan.


Arta Regional Meeting

Next wednesday. Barb attending on our behalf. Also attended last week- can invoice $100 expenses to local group. BARB to email Electra copy of CAA invoice.

Regional cycle maps – Barb pushed for one to be done for Waiheke next. CAW to go for contract to 'test' the routes on proposed maps at different times of day. Good potential money earner. Keep ears open.


CAW Logo

ELECTRA to ask Sam to ask Art teacher to get students to design a logo for CAW.. Competition to be judged by CAW and unveiled at the AGM?????


Auckland City Council Programme of Road Works 2008/2009.

TONY to request a meeting with Reg to discuss works scheduled for feb / march 09. Raise potential provision for cycleway along the causeway.

Group cautioned that we shouldn't come across too hard on Reg before Esplanade Road Closure. We are still awaiting symbols on Ocean view Rd Cycleway before we give him public praise. Barb suggested it maybe difficult getting specialist contractors to do this work at this time of year – hence the delay.


Transport Forum.

Group expressed concern that the 'Transport Froum' idea put forward by Colin Bearden – Cory Rd was going to be limited to “two members of the public”. TONY to draft a list of groups who should ideally be included on a trasport forum and get Colin Bearden to follow this up with Ray Ericson.


Advisory Cycle Lane Trial

Tom advised the group he had put in an application to NZTA to trial Advisory Cycle Lanes on Waiheke. He did not hold a lot of hope for the application as he was phoned up by one of the judges questioning the validity of the application!



Bike Rack – will be a focus later in the year we have grant money of $1500 to spend.


Tom to look for cheap Display boards on Trade me.






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