CAW draft submission on Wellington 2040 - The Future of Our Central City

Daryl has put together a draft. Thanks Daryl!
Please post any feedback by Monday 19 Oct.

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Wellington 2040-Feedback Form

All café & retail spaces, parks & waterfront, all equally
Make verandahs continuous, and high across intersections
Make short cuts from corner-to-corner across all parks
Cease building underground car-parks on the waterfront especially those under raised decks which block views
Make all-weather promenades under verandas, and plant trees along the waterfront

The waterfront quays & streets, and Taranaki St
Difficult to walk across without refuges
Plant trees and provide refuges


Main threat now is trauma from cars
In the future, Technological-Age decline, sea level, & climate

Transit Malls
Make the main passenger transport system light rail through pedestrian malls & traffic-calmed streets. (The buses are beyond the limit of their capacity and thereby congest each other)

The transit system & roads are so attractive many people choose not to use cars for many trips as has changed in car-oriented Stuttgart the home of Mercedes Benz, windy & cold Copenhagen, & hilly San Fransisco

Council should use international best practice for all surveys & plans


  1. Council should concentrate on infrastructure, open spaces, & promotion thereby creating an environment for citizens' initiatives

  2. Permitted height limits should not be increased

Maintain them cost-effectively & traffic-calm all roads

Use Florence as precedence and promote tall studs by defining height by the number of permitted storeys and a rule that all windows be tall

  1. With seed money

With many small disbursements

  1. Provide continuous shelter and the best possible transit system

  2. Provide the best possible alternatives to cars. There is no international success for the promotion of CBDs with cars, including Stuttgart

Make a priority of traffic modes in line with international best practice;
Commercial & emergency vehicles

  1. Concentrate on 1) above

  2. Do not promote the use of cars

Enjoying all it has to offer, in safety & quiet

Demand will slow & stop when it's reached its limits under the permitted height limits. Try to reduce height limits and increase stud heights

  1. Wellington's main identity is its people and the buildings & spaces they need therefore it's not unique, all cities have this identity. Its uniqueness comes from its geography and capital city status

Promote compactness without increasing height limits by minimizing car-parks and roads for cars

  1. Charge for waste, water, sewage & fuel, and cease costly projects such as the car-parks under Queens Wharf, Frank Kitts Park & the Civic Square. Otherwise consult international best practice

  2. Build verandas as 4) above. Ignore sea level rises and the decline of the Technological Age as they will make seaside cities unlivable at about the same time

  3. Council made major blunders advocating under-ground car-parks, non-leisure retailing, offices and indoor sports buildings on the waterfront. Due to 10) above maximize green spaces and resist other demands.

  4. Each "stick to the knitting", and use international best practice

  5. Take guidance from international best practice

  6. Make surveys that are designed to maximize true opinion and produce statistically measurable results