CAN's involvement in the National Cycleway Advisory Group

The National Cycleway Advisory Group is a coalition of national Business and Non-government representatives[1] who believe a national cycleway will benefit New Zealand significantly, who are already working to bring it about and who offer their expertise and influence to advise on its development.

We think it's a great idea to invest in national cycling infrastructure.  We think it can boost jobs and provide a real asset for New Zealand.  However, a smart approach will be needed to ensure that the investment results not in something that just delivers jobs in the construction phase, but something that can keep on contributing to the prosperity and wellbeing of New Zealanders in the future.

A cycleway must set out to deliver the best experience of New Zealand cycling to both overseas visitors and New Zealanders. It is about the best experience from the point of view of the user (the cycling is just part of it).  This will drive the growth in demand which will sustain its development.

The National Cycleway Advisory Group can be contacted either directly through your member organisation CAN or contact Liana Stupples at the Hikurangi Foundation.

To read the full vision document, please open the pdf attached.

See also the Ministry of Tourism National Cycleway Project page.


[1] Including the Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN), Cycle Touring Operators of New Zealand, BikeNZ, Living Streets Aotearoa, Quality Tourism Development, Mike Barnett Associates, ViaStrada, The Kennetts, The Hikurangi Foundation. 


The Green Party very strongly endorses the work of CAN and the other members of the Advisory Group, and have been trying to push the idea along in Parliament. Robert Ashe recently recorded a podcast of our conversation about where we think things stand currently, which some may be interested in:

The MoT have a RFP out for an engineer to assist the Advisory Group with the screening the various proposals, will post up the RFP file when get back to work later.

I have added the Ministry of Tourism's RFP document for information. You can see the level of documentation required to get through to the stage of being invited to become the preferred tenderer for the work. Typical of central and local govt. work put out to the open market.

Could be good background info for the CAN commercialisation team as unless CAN develops close relationships with agencies so they parcel their work up in small enough packages so they can go to CAN for direct pricing, this sort of competing for work may become required and CAN to get good at etc.

I've removed this from the front page and from 'public' view.

It's nice to see CAN is participating in these kind of events. This is very inspiring and an eye opener to all of the cycling goups! Go CAN! we can do it!


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